The Lost Patrol CD gets a great review by

Rating: 8 out of 10
The infamous Refused/International Noise frontman Dennis Lyxen returns to tape for his second solo album under the moniker "The Lost Patrol", and like everything else he's done, the level of quality on this release is glaringly obvious. While this side of Dennis doesn't match up with his more noisy and screamy endeavors, The Lost Patrol is still worth checking out. For those not familiar, this project is an acoustic, soft rock kind of thing that is complete with pianos, horns, flutes and softy back ups. There are times when I think that this could be played on your local smooth jazz station, and although it lacks some originality, Songs About Running Away holds its own as a solid release. Twelve songs in all to keep you feeling relaxed and hopeful; a definite must have for the few Dennis Lyxen complete-ists out there like myself.

- Christopher
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