The latest Scatter The Ashes info from their newsletter.

From the Scatter The Ashes newsletter:

We just finished our tour with Endicott, we had alot of fun, met alot of new people, and generally had what we like to call a FRIDAY NIGHT!

The Ashes have been accepted to play the CMJ music marathon this October in New York! We're really excited about this. A lot of our favorite bands will be playing too, Sonic Youth, ...and You will know us by the Trail of Dead, TV on the Radio, The Faint, and many others. So if you're around the City, maybe you'll find us straggling the streets.

Last but not least, all dates for our upcoming tour with BIG COLLAPSE(the militia group), and LIARS ACADEMY(equal vision records) have been confirmed. GLASSEATER was supposed to headline this tour, but instead decided they'd rather be pompous and leave us hanging. So href=''>HERE> are the dates for that tour, there'll be a local band on the show every night.

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