The Jackass video crew shoots a new Turbnegro video!

The shooting of Turbonegro's video for their song 'Sell Your Body (To The Night)' from the upcoming album 'Scandinavian Leather' almost ended in disaster for the band as well as the Jackass-gang.

The Jackass-gang have for several years been big fans of Turbonegro, frequently using Turbonegro's music in their famous tv stunts. Jeff Tremaine the director of 'Jackass - The Movie' was co-directing the video in LA with Spike Jonze. Many of the gang participated in the shoot, including frontman Johnny Knoxville who said "Turbonegro is the best band in the world. That´s just the way it is" Also appearing in the video was 'Wolfboy' Jesus 'Chuy' Aceves. 'Wolfboy's face is completely covered with hair - as well as his 22 other family members.

Problems arose when the grizzly bear appearing in the video went berserk in a tunnel in LA's urban jungle. The bear's trainer had warned upfront that the bear was not in the best of shape. When the grizzly began to behave strangely in the tunnel, the message from the trainer was clear: Do not
move! Hank von Helvete had the bear in a leash, and the arduous task to calm down the huge animal.

But it was only the Turbonegro-members that froze - the Jackass-gang ran to the emergency entrance. "We wondered if we didn't catch the drift when the Jackass-guys started to run and we stood still... At that point we had a bad vibe about the situation" admitted the band.

Yeah, it was a bit tense for a while. The Grizzly kills with one blow. But it was not a problem. Me and the bear had became good friends, and we managed to calm each other down" said Hank Von Helvete after the shoot.
Turbonegro were in LA on the final leg of their US tour where they appeared as special guests of Queens Of The Stone Age. Their own headline shows sold out in minutes.The shooting of Turbonegro's video for the song "Sell Your Body (To The Night) from the upcoming album "Scandinavian Leather" became dramatic for the band as well as the Jackass-gang.

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