The (International) Noise Conspiracy: "Rebels with a Cause"

From The Santa Barbara Independent:

(NOISE) CONSPIRACY THEORY: With an ill-advised U.S. attack on Iraq looming, it's time to stand up and voice your opinion. And what better way to do that than by making a lot of noise? That's just what the mobile mini-fest Plea for Peace/Take Action Tour has been doing from coast to coast for several weeks, all for the dual causes of rallying against war and raising funds for the National Hopeline Network, a suicide helpline (1-800-SUICIDE). The tour finally landed at the Living Room in Goleta last Tuesday.
Common Rider and The Lawrence Arms opened the show with a bang, followed by nice-guy popsters Promise Ring. Nu-metal heads Poison the Well came on next and nearly rocked the paint right off the walls; belting out ear-piercing sounds, while kids of all ages recklessly dove from the stage and rebelliously pumped their fists in the air. But everyone eagerly anticipated the headlining act.

The (International) Noise Conspiracy, a grassroots political punk rock band from Sweden, had not participated in the tour's previous few stops due to an injury suffered by their drummer. At the last minute, (I)NC announced they would perform the Santa Barbara show as their last appearance on the tour. The five-piece band ran onto the stage dressed in uniform: black sleeveless shirts with a woman's face on the front. Lead singer Dennis Lyxzen, former front man for the Refused, spent half the show singing from atop amplifier stacks and audience members' hands. He even dedicated hit song "Capitalism Stole My Virginity" as a "fuck you" to George W. Bush.

I'm not sure what The (International) Noise Conspiracy's albums sound like, but their live show has more energy than the entire state of California's power grid. The band draws inspiration from Western European old-school punk music. The most obvious comparison is to the influential Gang of Four, who rocked against Britain's imperialistic policies and nationalistic tendencies in the 1960s and '70s. (I)NC is out to prove, once again, that the revolution will be amplified.

by Joshua Brayer

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