The Heideroosjes record an anti-war cover song!

Heideroosjes have recorded a cover-song from Dutch singer-songwriter Boudewijn De Groot. The song is an anti-war anthem and was a hit in Holland back in the 70's. The title is 'Meneer De President' (which means Mister President) and they lyrics tell about the ignorant and dangerous way of thinking of president Bush. Even Dutch prime-minister Balkenende supports a possible war against Irak. Heideroosjes feel this war is not the solution but the start of a new reign of terror for both Eastern and Western society. You may download this song for free. The song is recorded in the rehearsal-room of Heideroosjes so don't expect high-tech CD-quality. It's just a rough statement against a stupid war. Enjoy and peace!

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