The Dropkick Murphys issue a Flag Brigade alert!

Attention all you flag waving psychopaths! Once again it's time to show those pansies at the Warped tour who's boss. Nothing puts the other bands to shame more than looking out and seeing dozens of Dropkick Murphys flags staring you in the face. Help us out again this year, rally your troops, whip up a flag and bring it down to this year's Warped tour to show some Murphys spirit in your home town.

In past years we've had people bring their homemade DKM flags (minimum size 5'x7') down to the show and flown during the band's set and we want to do it even bigger and better this year.

The band will have a camera on stage to take photos of all the flags each day. These photos will promptly be posted on the band's website so make sure you're flying high during the band's set to show off all your hard work.

If you're up for the challenge please bring your flag to the DKM merch tent a 1/2 hour before the band plays and our guys will give you a pole for your flag. Then come back to the tent a 1/2 hour after the band plays, return your pole and one of the guys will be there to take additional photos as well as award a prize for the best flag of the day.

Artistic talent and creativity will be key factors but work ethic will definitely be taken into account as well. That means if your flag sucks but you're up front waving the thing like a Marine on Iwo Jima you might take the prize on sheer effort alone.

P.S. For all you sneaky pricks that want to bring along an old flag that may have won in past years we love ya but give somebody else a chance or make a new flag you lazy bastards!

156 hours to the release of "The Warrior's Code".

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