The Dropkick Murphys' "Blackout" scores a five star review

On first listening to this album I thought to my self where are the "For Boston's" and "Barroom Heros" the kind of tracks that you would smack your own mother out to.

After listening to this album a few more times I think we have a winner. A winner I hear you say. Yeah best album of 2003.

This album is absolutely stunning with a mix original Murphy's tracks and a few covers to boot. The covers come in the form this time of "Fields Of Athenry" and "Black Velvet Band" which are both amazing examples of two of the best punk covers I have ever heard. Track 10 "Bastards on parade" is a stunning mix of traditional Irish folk and punk rock. Ken Casey supplies the vocals on the last track of the album "Kiss me im shitfaced" which is so damn catchy you will be singing it to your self for months to come.

This whole album is amazing there is no other word for it and should be a part of any self proclaimed punk collection.

We both loved this album at the office so much that it has been played literally non-stop since we got it.

I can't stress this enough buy this album you will love it!!

As for the Murphy's hope the warped tour goes well and we will see you in Boston for next years Paddy's days.
Powerstorm Rating 5/5