The Dropkick Murphys announce BIG 2004 St. Patrick's Day Plans!

Here is the latest update from the band's official website:
"Well it's all over , 5 months of touring came to an end last night at the Fleet Center and now we've got a few months off. We had so much fun on our many passes thru the states and Canada over these past few months and want to sincerely thank everyone who came out to see us. All the shows were great but last night was a fantastic way to end the tour and probably one of the best nights of our lives; getting to play after a Bruins game (especially after a game as awesome as last nights game was). What an honor and once again we want to thank everyone that stuck around after the game to see us. We were shocked at how many people were still there to support us, it was a great feeling. Also let us not forget to thank the entire Boston Bruins organization, the players, and especially two players Nick Boyton (who played an unbelievable game) and Brian Rolston (who scored the game winner in overtime) for joining us onstage to play guitars on "BOYS ON THE DOCKS" . They definitely proved that they play guitar better than I skate!

Tickets for our annual Boston St Paddy's shows are available now so we hope to see you there and look foward to lots of exciting things in the coming year especially the release of our DVD "ON THE ROAD with the DROPKICK MURPHYS"

Until then have a great Thanksgiving and we'll talk to you soon!

Thanks, Ken and DKM"

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