The Distillers get the thumbs up from

Fronted by the unique, explosive, and dramatic voice of Brody Armstrong are The Distillers. It may be me, but if Courtney Love was just a little more punk she'd fit right in with Brody. Her comrades Rose, Andy, and Ryan join forces to kick the punk rock with a pop fusion in the ass, and deliver to your ear a sound that's on the verge of an explosion. "Sing Sing Death House" starts with pure and utter chaos, otherwise known as the song "Sick Of It All" and that chaos doesn't end until the southern sounding punk tune "Lordy Lordy". For those of you who don't know Brody Armstrong is married to Tim Armstrong but no comparison should be made. They both have some of the most unique voices in punk rock, but then again they are both on different sides of the spectrum. The funniest aspect about "Sing Sing Death House" is how I woke up to it this morning, and went to work with such a bad attitude. Now that's a good disc. The intensity is unparalleled to the majority of punk rock albums that have been released within the past year, and it goes to show what a bright and chaotic future these rockers and rockettes have.


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