The Dillinger Escape Plan "share" their thoughts on stage at The Redding Festival

"Irony Is A Public Shit"

Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato made his mark at the bands performance at the Reading Festival in the U.K. over the weekend by defecating on stage during the bands performance. Puciato recently commented to Kerrang! on the move, stating:

"A lot of people are making music for all the wrong reasons nowadays. There doesn't seem to be much art just product. that being said I don't feel there's more of a difference between what I did on stage and what most bands are doing anyway so I figured I'd use the festival as a platform to kind of make that comparison more vivid. Coincidentally I also really had to go and it's not like there's a toilet on the side of the stage. That might have been the largest public viewing of a bowel movement in world history."

Checkout an insane MP3 for the song "When Good Dogs Do Bad Things" at the link below!

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Photo Credit: The Blatimore City Paper