The Cleveland Free Times reviews the new live Dropkick album

After six studio releases, Boston's favorite punk sons the Dropkick Murphys, have finally gotten around to capturing a live show. Live on St. Patrick's Day finds the Gaelic punks in their prime during one of their famous St. Patrick's Day weekend shows at Boston's Avalon Ballroom. Recorded last year, the disc is an excellent way to experience the joy, solidarity and pride of a great Dropkick Murphys show. Practically bursting with Irish pride, the Murphys' Gaelic heritage is as vital an element to their music as their leftist, working-class politics. The opening rabble-rouser "For Boston" features new edition Spicy McHaggis on bagpipes. But it's Ryan Foltz's mandolin and tin whistle that give the Murphys enough flexibility to cover traditional Irish folk songs like "Wild Rover" and "Finnegan's Wake." The septet even finds times for a rendition of "Amazing Grace" that's as moving as it is headbanging. And when the boys do their own stuff, old classics like "Boys on the Docks" and new hits like "The Gauntlet," they're great enough to make throwing back a few pints of green beer and skanking up and down Dorchester Street second nature to anyone."

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