The Bouncing Souls shoot a new video and cause a "ruckus"

March 28, 2003 Boy oh boy did we cause a ruckus in Asbury Park as the Soul's shot a video for "Kids and Heros" Sunday night. The set up took hours and as night fell anticipation rose as kids and chums showed up to be a part of something...

The backyard, filled with smoke, bright lights, for a moment I could not breathe, awaiting the inevitable noise to free itself from the deafening silence, wondering how long it would be until the fuzz showed up to shut us down. Then they started to play, at that moment I could have cared less who showed up I was completely captivated by the moment (I know it sounds a tad corny but I am a shut-in and a dork so cut me some slack). We were home free, having made it through several takes, no cops...and then there they were.

I understand its a Sunday night and given the ruckus they could have been complete asses (they got at least 10 complaints), we were told the lights were fine but the music had to stop otherwise it would be a $1,000 fine (ouch). We quieted down and continued the shoot until the wee hours of the morning (I went to bed). The word on the street is that it looks amazing, thanks to Steve Marino et al, and lights provided by The Light House. Look for it on the Warped tour video comp this summer.

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