The Arizona Daily Wildcat reviews the new Hot Water Music record

By Adam Pugh
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday October 3, 2002

Hot Water Music: Caution
Grade: A

After five studio albums, a live album and a slew of splits and singles, Hot Water Music is still keeping it together. Now the quartet is using Caution to help guide its way in the world of music. And to keep up with the times, HWM has let Epitaph Records stream the entire album from its Web site.

This is a beautiful record that illustrates the need for a fresh perspective with its cleaned-up sound and powerful songwriting on the opening track, "Remedy."

For HWM fans, this will be a break from the monotonous crap that has been released lately, like the "post-hardcore" breakout sounds.

This is stripped-down guitars, raspy vocals and beautiful melodies all put together to remind us all why we love music and how it can really move us.

The album never stops from beginning to end; I listened to it five times in a row without realizing it and never once thought about taking it out.

The lyrics are stronger and more emotional than usual and it vibrates through each note that is sung.

This album has the energy of a truly great HWM live show, where everyone is tired and struggling to stay standing. But there is just one more song and the band is doing everything in its power to make it the best three minutes of your life.

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