Thanks for making the first Epitaph Tour a huge success!

As you all know the Epitaph Tour 2005 is coming to an end... and it was an enormous success! We at Epitaph would like to thank all the bands and crew members who slugged it out through the rough weather. We would like to thank all of the managers and agents, especially Andrew Simon and APA for getting the tour booked. We would like to thank the promoters and venues who worked hard to make all the shows a success, and for taking good care of our bands (special thanks to the House of Blues in Anaheim and LA for taking care of the Epitaph staff). Thanks to the sponsors,,, Vans, and especially Brendan @ Atticus, and thanks to Level 1 Marketing, Epitaph regional interns, and the Boombox Nation street team for getting the word out!

Most of all, thanks to the fans that came out to the shows and rocked out. See you again next year!