Teenage Wrist Release Live Album Earth Is A Black Hole (Live At Kingsize) In Support Of Recently Released Sophomore Album Earth Is A Black Hole

Teenage Wrist Release Live Album Earth Is A Black Hole (Live At Kingsize) In Support Of Recently Released Sophomore Album Earth Is A Black Hole

“A comforting soundtrack for these strange, dark times we’re all experiencing, positioning Teenage Wrist as not only one of rock’s best new bands, but also, maybe, an important one." – Kerrang!

“Throughout Earth Is A Black Hole’s tight, 33-minute runtime, impeccable sequencing carries the listener through various emotional states with ease“ - New Noise Magazine

“This is the sort of album that will thrive with replays in the summer months, maybe even locking in some year ends spots in the process – it’s certainly likely.” - Soundboard Review

Los Angeles band Teenage Wrist released their sophomore album, Earth Is A Black Hole, back in February. In celebration of the release, the band recently hosted a livestream from Kingsize Soundlabs in Los Angeles preforming songs off their recent release, as well as, songs from their debut album Chrome Neon Jesus. The livestream, directed and produced by Lindsey Nico Mann, is available to watch. Today, the band release their live recordings digitally via all streaming platforms. Earth Is A Black Hole (Live At Kingsize) was mixed by Kevin McCombs & mastered by Teenage Wrist’s Marshall Gallagher.

We've always wanted to do a live recording of some kind and quarantine seemed like the perfect excuse to make it happen,” says vocalist and guitarist Marshall Gallagher.  “Doing it at King Size was super special, it's a beautiful space and we've recorded so much music there over the years.  It was a good practice run for when tours hopefully come back, we are very excited to play this record out for some real live people.

Produced by Colin Brittain (Basement, A Day to Remember), Earth Is A Black Hole follows the band’s 2018 debut Chrome Neon Jesus and sees guitarist Marshall Gallagher stepping up as frontman. The artistic liberation of this lineup change, coupled with two years of consistent touring has aided in the band’s sonic evolution. The new album incorporates elements of modern rock with the band’s signature shoegaze styling while integrating synths, drum samples, and electronica to ultimately take their sound to a more expansive and aggressive level.


  1. Stoned, Alone (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  2. Taste Of Gasoline (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  3. Yellowbelly (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  4. Silverspoon (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  5. Wear U Down (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  6. New Emotion (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  7. Mary (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  8. Sparkle / Fade (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  9. Dweeb (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  10. Waitress (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)
  11. Earth Is A Black Hole (Live at Kingsize Soundlabs)

Teenage Wrist is Marshall Gallagher (guitar, vocals), and Anthony Salazar (drums).