Soundcheck loves the new Dropkick Murphys record!

Blackout marks the bands first full length album since 2000's superb Sing Loud Sing Proud and they show no signs of letting up. The album features "The Dirty Glass" which also appeared on the Dropkick Murphy/ Face to Face split, and thirteen new songs that don't disappoint. Songs like "Workers Song" feature overpowering bag pipes and lyrical themes of the working class life that characterize the Murphys Sing Loud Sing Proud days. The band also throws in a few ballads, like the excellent "World Full of Hate", a song that shows the Murphys stripped of the loud guitars that are such an intrigual part of their sound, and a tune that above all, clearly illustrates the versatility of the band. An impressive mix of energetic Irish and punk, Blackout is yet another boost to the bands already amazing catalogue,and an album that solidifies the Murphys as truly exceptional band.
- Johnny Gaffney

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