Short Converge interview from

Please introduce yourself.

Jacob Bannon: My name is Jacob Bannon.

What types of motivation leads the band into writing music so hardcore? Any bands in particular?

Jacob Bannon: When we began, we were all fans of hardcore, metal, and punk. Our approach was the mix of all of those diverse yet specific influences.

Where does the band usually do the writing of music at?

Jacob Bannon: We all write on our own when we can. We tend to get together and trade ideas and practice weekly.

How do you describe the album "You Fail Me"?

Jacob Bannon: After "Jane..." was recorded and released, I thought I was going to feel the emotional burden I was carrying lift from my shoulders. I mean, it all made sense, or at least I thought. I had all the puzzle pieces there in front of me. Outlets bring closure, or at least that's what I thought. With that I put myself out on the line looking for an emotional resolve with "Jane..." and it never came. When the album was released I didn't feel any better, nothing was changed. My depression kept collapsing on itself. AAt that point I stopped hoping and searching and I took a long hard look at my life and at my heart. I did a huge amount of soul searching and found so much failure within myself. That discovery was a massive realization. As I started to see clear again, I also saw the failure in friends and loved ones around me. How we fail each other, and how we fail ourselves. These are songs of failure. And ultimately, surviving self destruction and tragedy we all face in our lives.

What's Converge's lyrical position?

Jacob Bannon: All of our songs differ, though albums tend to retain a thematic quality. Lyrically "You Fail Me" is about realization, strength, and a brighter day.

The band has written quite alot of cds, how do you compare each of them?

Jacob Bannon: They are all different and show our growth us a band.

How can you describe the fanbase that comes to the shows?

Jacob Bannon: Appreciative, supportive, and honest.

You guys are traveling to quite alot of places in Europe, can you compare the fanbase over in Europe to the ones in America?

Jacob Bannon: They are similar. Very similar. We love to travel and meet people from all over the world.

How does your music reflect the energy of your live show?

Jacob Bannon: Our live show and recorded work are very similar to one another at this point. It's taken quite a while to reach that level of refinement to be able to say that.

What are future plans?

Jacob Bannon: Touring and writing. We just plan on continuing to create music that moves us.

Thanks for the interview, any final words?

Jacob Bannon: Thank you for your time, it is appreciated.

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