See Ikara Colt live from London's 100 Club

100 degrees and rising

In September Ikara Colt, along with the Martini Henry Rifles, Father Of Boon and the Blood Group, played a gig that should rightly go down in history as one of the hottest events to hit London's 100 Club at the PlayLouder Singles Club (read about it here). BUT... we are aware that there is a world outside of London. Thus, we committed this momentuous event to film for your precious little eyes and ears everywhere:

SEE! Claire in her guitar-goddess glory!
WITNESS! Dom abuse a drum kit as rarely seen in public!
MARVEL! At Jon's ferocious mohican!
BOO HEARTILY! At the twat who beaned Paul with a beer can!

And after it all, you can check out the video for May B 1 Day, from the must-have-in-your-life new record, the Basic Instructions EP.


Ikara Colt Live Video