Scatter The Ashes live review from Orlando City Beat.

Headlining the evening, and putting on quite a show, was Epitaph recording artist Scatter the Ashes from Nashville. Similar to but more credentialed than Classic Case, these boys are part of a youthful current of punk bands that eschew revivalism and instead work to define a new voice for the genre. With the jagged and powerful vocals of Daryl Stamps and the swirling walls of guitar from James Robert Farmer, this ain't yer older brother's punk rock.

Just when you thought punk was endemically predictable, fresh acts like these come along. It's this way that punk, the beloved bastard son of rock 'n' roll, will maintain not only its vitality but its respectability as well. Besides, it can only mean good things when you see a band whose skinny little singer sports cowboy boots signed to the label that was born for the canonical Bad Religion.