Sage Francis Remix Contest

Sage Francis announces a remix contest for his song, "Hoofprints in the Sand" off of his latest album, Human the Death Dance:

Reanimator made the beat for the original version of the song, and he mentioned to Sage that even he'd like to take a crack at doing a remix.

Here is the acapella:
href="">"Hoofprints In The Sand" acapella

The acapella fades out before the beat tempo switches at the end of the original song, and that's so I can avoid a lot of headaches.

Here is the original song (to give you an idea as to where the vocals should be falling on the beat):
href="">"Hoofprints In The Sand"

If you can't figure out the BPM then this project might not be for you.

Please send your submission as AN MP3 ATTACHMENT to by Sept 10th. The winner and top 3 remixes will be announced on Sept 11th.

The winner will be featured on the front page of,, and have the option of appearing on his remix album (2008.)

Best of luck!

Remember Remember the 11th of September.