Rocksound talks new CD with Jake Bannon of Converge!

Rocksound: What's the story behind the album title? What's the inspiration this time around?

J: When "Jane Doe" was released, I felt that I would have closure and the burden of my depression would lighten.

It didn't.

My personal roads got longer and longer and emotionally I fell darker grey. Soon after, I began to travel with the band and by myself. I spent most of that time trying to forget or at least comprehend who I was and what I was becoming.

And in those two years I experienced many things. I travelled the world, and I lived a world of life. I met many beautiful and suffering people that looked just like me (at least the look they had in their eyes). All of them capable of sickening weakness and even heroic strength. All of them carrying their own pain.

These are our failure songs. Songs of the lost, when I failed them, they failed me, and ultimately failed ourselves.

Rocksound: When, and under what conditions, were the new songs written?

J: Musically we started writing after we recorded "Jane Doe". We would write on the road during sound check. When we were in Italy, Kurt broke his hand, which slowed down the writing process a bit. After a few months we continued on, writing and refining until the day we started recording.

Rocksound: Compare and contrast the new material to that of "Jane Doe".

J: It's darker, heavier, and harder then "Jane Doe". At the same time the music is non-linear and very un-metal. There is a diverse approach to the instrumentation on the album as well. Giving us a larger musical dynamic than we've had before.

Rocksound: Can you divulge any song titles?

J: You Fail Me
Hope Street
In Her Shadow
Death King
Eagles Become Vultures

That's all I can give for now.

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