Review of Converge at the HOB Orlando

by Alicia Lyman

There were mixed reviews from many fans, fellow musicians, and industry folk about the set Converge was developing as I waited to meet their tour manager by the back stage entrance to House of Blues Orlando. From this perspective I could see the entire crowd, most of stage left, and most of the security guards throughout the venue a little confused as to why there wasn't more moshing. There were little sects throughout the sea of people that were chanting along, and pumping their fists to drummer Ben Koller's beat; but on the contrary, some were just standing there, wondering what was going on.

After their set I eventually got backstage to interview Ben and front-man Jacob Bannon. It was the second date on the 'Mastotour' and I asked how they felt about the show. Jacob said, 'It was a big stage, but you know a good vibe.' Ben added, 'It was definitely a concert at Disney World, so we were kind of out of our element. We would've rather played a show in Albany, New York at a dirt bar, but it was pretty fun.'

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