The provocative SoCal band RETOX have unleashed a brand new video, a heart - stopping thriller that portrays the band's kinetic, challenging energy in their latest track release, "MATURE SCIENCE." Combining the jagged edges of stripped down/back-to-basics rock n' roll with bombastic attitude and art-rock intelligentsia, using the prism of the past to look toward the potential brilliance of the future, RETOX's YPLL arrives via Epitaph Records on May 28th, 2013.

Directed by Simon Chan, the new video features the band in a riot-like scenario, where the band kidnaps a police officer and brings him to an undisclosed location. The disturbing story unfolds in 2:47 minutes, ending in an intense, bloody scene that can only be fully realized by watching the video.

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Guitarist Michael Crain offers, "Retox does not in any way condone or advocate the harming of police officers. We do however feel that our society as a whole would be far safer and not as unjustly regulated if local, state, and federal law enforcement were required to memorize the lyrics to Black Flag's "Police Story" and N.W.A's "Fuck tha Police!"

Retox deliver a mission statement in 12 blistering tracks, the vast majority of them clocking in at two minutes or less. It's the type of rallying battle cry that inspires lingering and dormant primal urges and too-long-suppressed societal dissatisfaction in those who encounter its punk rock lineage and postmodern crash-and-ban.

In May, the band will take their energetic live performance across North America.

PRE-ORDERS are now live for RETOX's YPLL, which will arrive in-stores and online on May 28th. Please go to:">>