Raised Fist Share "Into This World"

Raised Fist Share "Into This World"

Today Swedish hardcore band Raised Fist share “Into This World”, a new track off their upcoming full-length Anthems. The album will be out November 15th via Epitaph.

“This is a song dedicated to our friends, brothers and sisters from another time,” says frontman Alexander "Alle" Hagman. The slowest song on the album, with a style mix between ‘Wounds’ and ‘Until the end’. Also, the most powerful one. If you know, you know!” Watch the video for “Into This World” HERE.

On this seventh full-length, the band has been working together with producers Roberto Laghi & Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg and Oral Majority Recordings. The ten songs on Anthems are delivered with a searing urgency and intent and the guitars and drums punch through with a driving beat to raise your fist too. “I wanted this album also to become a rock n roll album,” explains Hagman. “I wanted to not have everything be deep and dark and symbolic. It's like AC/DC; meaningless but sometimes you just want to have a beer, listen to a song and understand the whole thing from the start.” Pre-orders for Anthems are available HERE.

Anthems Track Listing
1. Venomous
2. Seventh
3. Anthem
4. Murder
5. Into This World
6. Shadows
7. Oblivious
8. Polarized
9. We Are Here
10. Unsinkable II

Raised Fist is Alexander "Alle" Hagman (Vocals), Andreas "Josse" Johansson (Bass), Jimmy Tikkanen (Guitar), Daniel Holmgren (Guitar), Robert Wiiand (Drums).