Raised Fist gets a blazing review from Punknews.org!

Raised Fist - Dedication
Burning Heart - 2002

Since my last review (Rise Above) under the alias of Mr. B got such a great response, I thought I'd take another shot. Raised Fist is a vicious and sonic assault of hardcore from Sweden. Through legendary live shows and the utter brutality of their music this band gained a considerable popularity over here in the states with their last album "Ignoring The Guidlines". Their latest effort is titled "Dedication" and the title says it all. These guys are dedicated to making loud, harsh, sonic explosions of intensity both live and in the studio.

In comparison to the last album, this one is very similar, which isn't a bad thing. It's a little more stripped down and they experiment a bit here and there, but nothing groundbreaking....other than the assault of the music.

Songs like "That's Why", "The People Behind", "Get This Right", and "Dedication" are extremely fast bursts of intense hardcore that you've come to expect from this band. Songs like "Disable Me" and my personal favorite "Illustration Of Desperation" are a little bit heavier and less speed inclined. The last song on the album "Between The Demons" features guest vocals by an unnamed vocalist (doesn't say on my copy) and is very menacing.

Overall this album will meet and exceed the expectations of fans of the band or people who just like them, but if you didn't like the band before, you won't like them now. Excellent hardcore album.

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