Post-Hardcore Rockers Vanna to debut Curses On April 24th

New England's post-hardcore outfit Vanna will debut their first full-length album, Curses, on April 24th from Epitaph Records. A follow-up to 2005's EP, The Search Party Never Came, the record is a sonically ferocious effort that features the group's unique blend of blistering metal and cathartic melody.

Drawing from their influence of bands like Norma Jean, Every Time I Die and Neil Perry, band members Chris Preece (vocals), Nick Lambert (guitar/vocals), Evan Pharmakis (guitar/vocals), Shawn Marquis (bass) and Brandon Davis (drums) set out to create a passionately vicious album filled with discordant riffs and screams entwined with melodic overtones.

With esteemed producer Matt Bayles (Mastodon, Norma Jean) at the helm, the group recorded the hard-hitting album at Robert Lange Studio in Seattle. Bayles served as a guide throughout the recording process, offering advice and making sure the band stayed on course.

Working with Matt was a blast. We all connected with him, and it was like having an older brother to help steer us in the right direction, said guitarist Nick Lambert. He's an amazingly talented guy, and I think we all agree that Matt definitely played an important role in shaping this album into what it is.

Curses pulls all stops by violating the senses with the harsh dissonance of its brutal breakdowns and death screams in songs such as Country Boys Goddamn and methodically soothes with its fusion of metal and melody in The Things He Carried.

We wanted to really hit people hard with the full length. All of the hooks from the EP are still there, they've just been completely stepped up along with all of the music, said Lambert. There's a lot more heavy material on Curses, and I think we're all really excited since it's a much better representation of the band we want to be.

With what promises to be the band's breakout album and one of the year's best post-hardcore releases, Vanna are ready to get back to doing what they do best - touring. On the verge of ripping up Canada the group is set to do a string of spring dates as well as a summer tour.