poptropicaslutz! & aldrch Share New EP ‘Gossip Team’ Via Epitaph Records

poptropicaslutz! & aldrch Share New EP ‘Gossip Team’ Via Epitaph Records

Alt-pop wunderkinds poptropicaslutz! and aldrch share their split EP, Gossip Team, out today via Epitaph Records. Written by all three artists and produced by aldrch, their vibrant fusion of characteristically charming hooks and earnest-yet-amusing lyrics put a fresh, current spin on the Y2K bops we all reminisce about without falling into imitation.  Listen below!


‘Gossip Team’ EP



The ‘Gossip Team’ EP has been a long time in the making for the friends and labelmates. Waiting for the right moment allowed the artists to flourish individually while expanding on their growing chemistry while touring the country together. In doing so, the project became an undeniable nod to the style that pts! fans know and love, while also drawing from the bank of experiences and maturity that the creatives have added to significantly within the last few years.

With a dynamic in which all parties bring equal value to the table, the New York duo and artist-producer are both similar and unique in their creative approaches. “pts! are big writers...super methodical about lyrics, their meanings, and the stories they tell,” Sam Richman (aldrch) explains. “I come from a producer background, so I treat lyric writing more from [that] perspective, focused heavily on phrasing and trying to encapsulate specific emotions” with a maximalist—yet intentional—approach to sound.

Even so, it was their devoted fanbases and participatory internet culture that willed Gossip Team into existence with nothing but sheer excitement for the collaborations to come.  “[We’d] been working super closely for the past couple years, stacking up new demos and going on IG Live and showing them to pts! fans,” Richman recalls.  “I think it started with people putting ‘aldrch pts EP’ in the chat on those lives that sparked the idea.”