Pennywise Vocalist JIM LINDBERG Releases First Book: Punk Rock Dad

With PUNK ROCK DAD (out now via Collins), veteran punk rocker JIM LINDBERG of Pennywise makes his literary debut. PUNK ROCK DAD chronicles LINDBERG's journey from growing up in Southern California listening to punk rock and embracing its anti-authority culture, to joining a band and the trials and tribulations of fatherhood. In PUNK ROCK DAD, LINDBERG--who earned a B.A. in English from UCLA--documents his struggle to find a balance between being a positive role model and authority figure for his three young daughters while remaining true to his punk rock roots. PUNK ROCK DAD also features quotes from many of LINDBERG's 'punk rock dad' friends, including Fat Mike from NOFX, Noodles from The Offspring, Tony from the Adolescents, Greg Hetson from Bad Religion and Joey Cape from Lagwagon.
While LINDBERG focuses on fatherhood and his developing writing career, Pennywise continues to build their strong loyal fan base. Pennywise has sold over three million albums worldwide so far since forming over 19 years ago. With their unflinchingly aggressive sound, Pennywise delivers songs of anthemic self-empowerment with politically charged wake-up calls and has come to define the Southern California hardcore sound. This summer, Pennywise will be a headlining act on the Vans Warped Tour main stage for the sixth time in the tour's 13-year history.
PUNK ROCK DAD is already receiving both critical acclaim as well as accolades from other musicians, as evidenced below.

"As lead vocalist and guitarist in the veteran California punk-rock band Pennywise, Lindberg writes and sings songs like 'Fuck Authority' and 'Fight Till You Die.' At home with his wife and three young girls, however, he oversees play dates and washes a lot of dishes. In his first book, Lindberg explores that bizarre dichotomy to its fullest, resulting in a fast read that's part memoir, part parenting manual. Writing with wit, charm and unexpected tenderness, Lindberg plays mix-and-match with life in a punk band and life at home, using punk's DIY ethic to address the challenge of raising well-adjusted children in a world ruled by conformity."
--Publishers Weekly, April 9, 2007

"The irony of Jim's early punk rock rebellion - destined to change along with diapers and other forms of conformity - makes this book a very funny and revealing read."
--Mike McCready of Pearl Jam

"Jim Lindberg is proof positive that childrearing can take the most recalcitrant punk and catapult him into adulthood. Learning about boundaries and baby bottles, Jim has managed to craft himself into a dad who maintains youthful idealism and holds on to his dignity, all the while learning to grow through as he says, 'seeing the kids' point of view."
--Dr. Drew, host of nationally syndicated radio show "Loveline"

"How do you reconcile a life of rebellion with trying to discipline your kids? How do you teach your kids good study habits when you dropped out of high school? How the hell do you get your kids to eat vegetables?!?!? I don't know, but it's nice to see I'm not alone!"--Chris Shiflett of Foo Fighters

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