Pennywise drops a huge update on their new album and more!

Hey everyone -
Here's an update about what has been going on with our band. We've just finished mixing our new record and it looks like it's going to come out on September 9th. As soon as we're done putting the artwork together we'll be getting ready for the warped tour this summer, then Europe, Australia and everywhere else after that. As soon as we have solid dates we'll have them up on the site.

Unfortunately, during the time when we were working on songs for this album, Fletcher's dad, Otis Dragge, passed away unexpectedly and so we took time out so Fletcher could be with his Family and deal with this tragic event. Otis was a big man with a big heart, and always supported our band through thick and thin. He was a living legend in the South Bay and will be missed by everyone who knew him.


This album has been a long time coming but we think it will be worth the wait for everyone. The tentative title is From the Ashes and if you liked any of our other albums you should like this one. Some songs are about the aftermath of 9/11 and politics in the world today, but there are also songs about moving forward and trying to find a place for hope in a world that seems increasingly forbidding. As usual we try and put our feelings and viewpoints into the music and create something that resonates with your own experiences, and we're all looking forward to going out and playing these songs live for everyone.

The new CD will either contain a DVD or enhanced CD-ROM with scenes from recording the album, a live song from our show at the Long Beach Arena last year, interviews with the band, and also a trailer for the "Home Movies, Part Two" DVD which will be coming out soon with all kinds of video footage from the last decade of Pennywise life. We also have so many leftover songs, out-takes, old songs, covers and B-sides, we plan to put out another album as soon as we get off the road from touring. We are going to be adding some cool new things to the website so you can have better access to the band and upcoming events. So if there hasn't been enough Pennywise stuff for you recently, there should be plenty for you in the month's ahead.

We've been doing this a long time and there have been a lot of people that have supported us along the way, from our early friends who came to our gigs and rooted for us when we were just starting out to the young kids who are just getting into it today. We are eternally grateful for the people who have stood by us and understood what we're trying to do with our music, and also for the people who just like to bang their head and get stupid in the pit. As long as you guys are into it, we'll keep bringing it. See you at the show!!


*Now I Know
*Something to Change
*Falling Down
*Punch Drunk
*Look Who You Are
*God Save the USA
*Holiday in the Sun
*Emergency Broadcast System
*Change My Mind
*Rise Up
*Judgment Day


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