Parkway Drive album, HORIZONS, out today!

Australia's masters of metalcore, Parkway Drive have a new album, Horizons, out today. Produced by Killswitch Engage's Adam Dutkiewicz (Underoath, Autumn to Ashes, Every Time I Die) and recorded at Zing Studios in Boston, Horizons awakens the inner-beast with an enthralling avalanche of sound. From grinding math riffs and palpitating blast beats to haunting death growls, Horizons' brutal mix of metal and hardcore excels with songs such as "Carrion" and "Breaking Point," which are enough to have anyone running for the circle pit.

"Horizons marks two years of refinement since our last release. The songs, the sounds, the speed, the heaviness and the production has all been stepped up," says vocalist Winston McCall. "Working with Adam again made our job super easy as well as highly enjoyable. I think the end result is by far the best record we've made so far, but I guess that's always for others to judge."

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