In anticipation of their August 21st release, Our Last Night is streaming their defining album, Age of Ignorance in its entirety starting today. Produced by David Bendeth (Breaking Benjamin, Paramore, Set Your Goals), Our Last Night puts a focus on songwriting as a craft and the resulting achievement is 36 minutes of pure expression.

Fans are invited to stream the new album courtesy of Hot Topic by going http://community.hottopic.com/ht_music/news/exclusive-stream-new-our-last-night-album-age-ignorance"> here.

Age of Ignorance embraces the strongest elements of Our Last Night's tried and true sound. The melodies are bigger and brighter than ever while sparking an intensity that can incite any crowd into dance floor pandemonium. The record alternately explores heavy duty electronics and acoustics to dazzling effect. Lyrically advanced, Age Of Ignorance has vision and forethought which hearkens back to the days when a lyric sheet was really worth ponder and study. Certainly, diehard fans and first-time listeners will find something to admire as they explore their catchy and powerful third studio album.

Our Last Night has battled their way to the top of the scene with an undeniable mix of unbridled determination and youthful talent. The end result is a sound packed with non- stop hardcore energy and emotion. In live setting, the band has been winning over crowds from coast to coast with their exhilarating high flying sweat drenched performances.

Fans can now pre-order the record by going to the Epitaph Store www.epitaphstore.com.