Off With Their Heads Premiere New Video For "Drive"

Today over at Alt Press, Off With Their Heads premiered the brand new video for "Drive" from their upcoming album In Desolation! To watch the video, href="">click here. Check out what the band has to say about the video below.

Here is our first video for the song "Drive" off our new record. We have done a few video's before (as you may know), but never anything involving a live show. We thought Riverside CA would be a good place to film one, as its always a good time out there. This was done by our friend Mario (who is responsible for our other 2 videos), who followed us around the couple days we did the Bad Religion shows. Live video's tend to be a little......too similar to the rest, so we made an attempt to include some of the other random nonsense that happened those couple days. There is a little house of blues backstage action in there (which you might recognize from "The Carter" Lil Wayne documentaty), a little drunken stumbling, a little Vegas, and a fun show in Riverside. Enjoy.

If you are into collecting stuff, you can go to Epitaph's website and pre order "In Desolation" and get a party pack. Its got a bunch of stuff only available to the pre order.

Here's the lyrics for "Drive"

I've been watching myself turning from bad to worse.
I've been locked up in the basement putting bad habits first.
I wont answer my phone because I want to be left alone to shed all the skin that makes me well up and choke.
I'm not alive, Im just as good as dead.
I cant find a reason why I should even get out of bed.
Just make it stop, just make it go away.
I'll give you everything I have if you've got the right words to say.
But I can get by on what little is left in here.
If I can just get away from my shadow, I'm in the clear.
Then it will stop and it will all go away.
I'll be everything I was, I'll be everything I wanted to be.
I'm out of my mind and I'm out of your sight.
So I just drive. It doesn't matter where.
I put my foot to the floor and let the wind blow through my hair.
I'll never stop. There is nothing for me out there.
I'll be on the roads less traveled while it all fades in the mirror.