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Hey everyone. Lots of quick little bits of news to share with you... First, Maxeen unfortunately had to drop off our upcoming tour, we will announce very soon their replacement.... Secondly, the show next week at Michigan State University is almost sold-out, so hurry and get tix if you want to go.... Also, be sure to go href='http://' target='_blank'>HERE and vote for MCS' "Shiver" to be played this Sunday on -- all you have to do is look for MCS' name and song, then click Vote. It's that simple.

And lastly, visitors to the MCS site and MCS e-listers can order tickets in advance for the tour with Tsunami Bomb, Limbeck, and Maxeen's replacement with reduced service charges href='' target='_blank'>HERE!

Username: motioncitysoundtrack
Password: tickets

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