New Sage Francis site plus great review from Mesh Magazine.

Just eight more US shows supporting 'A Healthy Distrust' before Sage heads to Europe. For everything that is going on in the world of Sage Francis check out his brand new website at href='' target='_blank'>! Here is a great review of his new record 'A Healthy Distrust' from Mesh Magazine.

Sage Francis' new record isn't simply a showcase of the rapper's skills, it's a meticulous balancing act between production and lyrics. Garnering the craftwork of excellent contemporary producers---Alias, Dangermouse, Sixtoo, Reanimator, Joe Beats and Controller7---Sage Francis' latest endeavor makes listening to every intricacy worth the effort. With lyrics that turn sharply between dead seriousness and sarcastic humor, A Healthy Distrust reflects insightful artists who understand the subtleties in how they complement one another. With Sage Francis being the catalyst of 2005's first solid hip hop album, it is understandable why such unyielding producers have gathered themselves around his colorful writing.

By David Ma
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