New interview with the Dropkick Murphys' Matt Kelly just posted

name, position in the band, favorite pub?
Matt Kelly, drummer, we call 'em bars: O'Malley's (r.i.p.)

Do you have anything that you'd like to talk about?
Yeah, let's talk about bands who wear black nailpolish and that faux-hawk haircut or that messy wanna-be-mod look, those military caps and enjoy cocaine....You people should get over yourselves. Thanks, that's all.

First off, just out of curiosity - what does Scruffy wear under his kilt?

Out of all of the tours you've been on - who have you learned the most from?
Might be a tie between listening to stories by the Business or Agnostic Front.

Screw learning, which was the most fun?
It's hard to pick, but the tours with the abovementioned, Sick Of It All, and the Bouncing Souls were great---the tour we just did with the Unseen and the Disasters was a great fucking time, too.

Who in your band has the best alcohol intake, and who is a light weight?
I'd say James holds his booze the best, and Marc or myself the worst.

What were some highlights from this last time @ Warped Tour?
Andrew WK, and Seeing Iron Maiden in Cleveland.

How would you say that your sound has changed since your third album?
Back to a more punk sound, less obviously Irish influence.

Does it ever surprise you how hardcore your fans are?
Hell yeah, it's an honor how some kids travel from far and wide to see us....I just wish they'd be more kind to some of the bands who play with us sometimes.

Who was the last person you pissed off, and what pissed them off?
Anyone have restraining orders?
Nothing worth mentioning. We're buffoons who do stupid shit all the time.

What's your favorite split that you've done?
Ducky Boys split 7"

Who would you like to collaborate with?
Ian Hunter, Peter Wolf, or the guys from Cock Sparrer.

How would you describe a typical night on stage?
An hour and 15 min. of non-stop, heartattack-inducing mayhem.

Do you have any plans on releasing a DVD?
Yup...we're still compiling the hours of's a long time in the making, and it should be out around St. Pat's next year.

Do you have any advice for newer bands?
Listen to music pre-1977. Don't learn your instrument from listening to crappy punk bands. Take lessons. Don't play out until your band is ready. Use the fucking mute button when you tune onstage. Don't try to be the next _____, aim to be original.

What are some of the best excuses that you were always afraid to use?
"Sorry, but I was an asshole long before this band."

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