New interview with Greg Attonito of the Bouncing Souls, now up!

Interview With The Bouncing Souls Front-Man Greg Attonito
By Alicia Lyman

Epitaph artists, The Bouncing Souls rolled through Orlando for a two night stay at the Social in support of "The Gold Record" on December 6 and December 7th; where on the latter, they played the entire Maniacal Laughter album in celebration of it's 10 year anniversary. Both nights sold out to avid fans; on the first, we interviewed their front-man Greg Attonito while their own documentary film crew taped the conversation, and on the second, photographed the show.

During the interview with, Greg spoke about the inspiration behind the making of "The Gold Record" and since they've made over 20 records in the last 15 years, they had to ask themselves, "We've made so many different records, why are we even making a record" He went on to explain, "So we had to answer those questions...and if we're going to do a record, it's gotta have something different about well as maintaining some recognizing factors of the Bouncing Souls. After we got past that point we just started writing and writing and writing. Personally I looked into blues music, and I read Muddy Waters' biography, which was incredible...and I learned so much about the history of rock n' roll just by reading the biography of Muddy Waters."

We talked about how College Radio helped spread the word 10-15 years ago and now how the internet has affected the industry. I asked how he felt about die-hard fans that have utilized today's technology to record video on their cell phones or digital cameras in different cities throughout The Gold Tour and are posting them on various websites. He said, "I think it's really good for a band...there's something you can't resist about it. If you resist it, I think it hurts you. It's almost free advertising. It makes for more musicians...there's definitely more bands, and the ratio of people going to see the's almost evening out. I think the internet is great."

A lot of the Bouncing Souls' stories, parties, tours, and even skits have been captured on video and in photographs dating back to 1987, (almost as if they knew that the footage would be priceless someday) and in 2003, compiled with interviews on a double DVD set that includes a feature length documentary, deleted scenes, never-before seen footage of them recording various albums, and numerous other goodies, they released "Do You Remember...Fifteen Years of The Bouncing Souls". If you were once a Bouncing Souls fan and have lost touch with what they've been up to over the last decade, or if you're a new fan interested in finding out what they've gone through to get to this point, then you'll definitely want to order this DVD in the store section of Chunksahh

Also, Kung Fu records has created a DVD series called "The Show Must Go Off" and The Bouncing Souls are featured in Episode 19 "Live at the Glasshouse" that was released in 2005, and can be purchased on Kung Fu Records During the interview, we also touched upon their new music video for "The Pizza Song" and it's director, Christian Winter whom is a friend and also did their "Anchors Aweigh" video. Greg said that it was the easiest music video they've ever made, and that the still photographs pictured on the wall throughout the video really are of his family. The song and video show a maturity that these punks could have only come to after all these years of playing for fans young and old while wearing their hearts on their sleeves. They set off on a tour of the UK in February and every American who's ever witnessed a show on the Gold Tour or any other time in the past, will be eagerly awaiting their return.