New Heideroosjes album on it's way!

Wanna know what the Heideroosjes are up to in 2003? I'm sure you're curious as hell.
Here's what singer Marco has to say about their plans:

Hi there!
At this moment Heideroosjes are in the middle of making songs for the new album. I have to admit; I miss being on tour! We did over 150 shows after the release of our latest album 'Fast Forward'. But for now, we need to focus on new songs and the best way for us to concentrate is spending time in our rehearsal-room. We wrote 13 songs so far and we have about 18 ideas which we'll work out in the next few months. Hopefully we'll record this summer and release a new album somewhere in Autumn. But I have to be honest; we don't rush things this time. We take our time so you guys get the best Heideroosjes album possible! A title? Ehm... we haven't fixed that yet but for now the title of the album will be SINEMA. With S instead of C. And you might figure out why haha. During making the new songs and recording we will do just a few concerts (damn!). Check our website or the concert-section on this page for details. We hope to see you all somewhere at the end of this year and thanks for your support! Take care,