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Death By Stereo Snuggle Up To Canadian Beer

Southern California quintet Death By Stereo have just wrapped up work on their fourth full-length and are preparing to hit the road to showcase their new stuff. While few would fault them for wanting to get out and play right away, some may question their decision to start their tour in the cold of Canuckland. Guitarist Dan Palmer jokes that the band are crazy for booking the dates. Thankfully he's already come up with a solution to help fight off the cold.

"I think we're out of our minds to come up to Canada in February," says Palmer. "We'll have to figure out some ways to keep ourselves warm. Canadian beer will probably do the trick."

Fans can expect to hear a handful of new tracks off of the band's recently completed album, Death For Life, each night. Although no release date has been scheduled yet, Palmer thinks that Epitaph will release it in May. The recording session was Death By Stereo's first with new bassist Tyler Rebbe who some may be familiar with from his work with Pulley. According to Palmer, Rebbe has fit in perfectly with the group and helped make Death For Life recording experiences one of the best he's ever had.

"I had more fun making this record than anything else I've ever done," he says. "If making records stays this fun we'll come out with a new record every six months. My favourite part of making this record was coming close to the end when all the songs were turning out better than we could ever imagine. It made us realize that the hard work really paid off. Tyler is a great addition to the band. He is a shredding bass player, good singer and likes to knock back a few drinks. Plus he's got long hair and he's into macho hangout, he's perfect for us."

Death For Life promises to be Death By Stereo's heaviest batch of material to date. Palmer says that the band are fully embracing their love of heavy metal and are doing their best to incorporate more elements of it into their hard punk sound. As far as lyrics go, the album will see the group addressing numerous issues. One song, "Forget Regret," was written in response to an accidental death that occurred at one of their shows.

"Musically we decided to not hold back on our metal roots," he says. "We love metal and we want to play it. Lyrically the new songs touch on a wide scale of things. We have a song about the incident that happened at the Solar Haus in Virginia where Daniel Martin passed away and a few others were injured. It's called 'Forget Regret' and it's our homage to the Solar Haus incident. We also touch on time ticking away and not letting life pass you by. There are all kinds of things on this record."

During that show several people were leaning against a third floor window, which gave out and several members of the crowd crashed to the ground outside. One person died while five others were hurt by the fall.

Death By Stereo's upcoming touring partners will definitely help them get back to their metal past. After completing their Canadian concerts the band will be hooking up with Soulfly for two weeks. They're then scheduled to play with Candiria before joining Mastadon for a series of East Coast shows.

By Shawn Despres
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