New DBS album, Death For Life, score 8/10 from

Death By Stereo are known by many and for damn good reasons. Their latest offering which continues on the destructive path that is Death By Stereo entitled "Death For Life" gives fans another great example of a band who has a well balanced blend of punk, hardcore and even at times metal if you want to count some jamming guitar solos they have floating around on this disc.

With just as much of a sense of melody as they have with every other detail of well arranged song writing, Death By Stereo flow with diversity in their latest effort which just marks another fine release by this group whose sound is elusive to the pigeon holing of what is what. They have taken the best portions from their influences, and though a lot of rhythms can get to be similar on this disc, it's never a serious problem as the rest of the song offers so much substance that everything redone is done differently as well. The metal influence is more apparent on this release, a lot of solos thrown around, nothing high flying but enough to add these little flares of rock in the songs.

The areas of clean vocals are somehow engaging through they don't pack any kind of superior ability, and that's just perfect for this band. They don't require the looming need for these vocals to be an overwhelming force as they are just concise enough to still hold your liking for everything this band chooses to toss into the cauldron. "Entombed We Collide" is a great example of this, as it seems to also be the more radio friendly tune on the album; it won't be getting radio play.

Death For Life continues the good streak of albums this band constantly creates, enjoy.

By Dave Huffy
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