nascar aloe Announces New EP ‘SPEED’ Out March 15th Via Epitaph Records

nascar aloe Announces New EP ‘SPEED’ Out March 15th Via Epitaph Records

Today, LA rapper nascar aloe announces his new EP ‘SPEED’ due for release on March 15th.  A polarizing figure of the underground rap scene, he’s known for fusing his gutter punk aesthetic into experimental production and has cultivated a tight knit community that embraces his brilliantly pissed off POV. 

Clocking in at just one minute and eighteen seconds long, nascar aloe reveals the project’s skull rattling lead single, “FUCK! AH!” featuring synth-punk artist n8noface. Visceral screams are met with noisy buzzing synths doused in a nimbus cloud of distortion for this manic sonic outburst.  

Commenting on the track’s frenzied aggression, nascar quips, "If I could physically shove a song into your ear canals, this would be it."  Check out the music video below: 



At the forefront of a new wave of music that boasts an audacious and genre-bending approach, nascar aloe has pioneered a sound that’s of-the-moment and classic all at once. On his 2023 EP HEY ASSHOLE! he channeled rap scions like Jasiah and XXXTentacion, as well as punk acts past and present like the Melvins and Show Me the Body, for his most impactful and immediate project to date. 

Leaving behind the rock-based instrumentation of HEY ASSHOLE!, SPEED builds on erratic electronic production, combining alternative hip-hop with glitchy techno samples and the heavy distortion of old school gabber influences. Tying in crust-punk fundamentals and themes of anti-establishment, lyrically nascar condemns “grotesque displays of society” such as war, police brutality and capitalism.  

While battling intense emotions of anger and loneliness, aloe craved an outlet for something angrier and faster than ever before. Funneling those dark feelings into his craft, the SPEED EP was born and its borderline rabid cadence and breakneck pace is intended to rile you up too. When asked how he wants the project to make listeners feel, he explains, “angry, like boiling point San Andreas fault overdue earthquake type angry." 

Originally from Lexington, North Carolina, the Cambodian-American rapper/producer began penning rhymes in 2013 as a way of self-expression, and once he got into hardcore/punk music in high school he found a way to incorporate the two worlds in his sound and personal style.  Equipped with three EP’s, two full-length albums and a partnership with Epitaph Records, nascar has reached over 193 Million overall streams to date with a voracious cult following of over 340K followers across socials. He is poised to break even bigger as audiences and listeners across the world continue to discover this singular artist and his gleefully caustic perspective.