Motion City Soundtrack leave for Japan with a parting gift for you.


Hi all, we're about to get on a plane and head to Japan for the first time, touring with our friends in Blink 182 and Maxeen! Can't hardly contain ourselves... This should be an amazing experience.

WANT TO HEAR A NEW MCS SONG? Thought you might want to know that you can head over to href='' target='_blank'> right now and check out an acoustic version of a new song called "When 'You're' Around." The full-on rocking version will most likely end up on our new record, which will come out next year. And speaking of our new record, once we return from Japan we'll be moving to LA for a couple of months to record. Mark from Blink is going to produce, and Ryan Hewitt (who did a superb job of engineering Blink's last record) is going to engineer the album. Obviously we're super stoked and can't wait. The bad news is that the touring for the Fall is going to be pretty much few and far between. There are a few shows scheduled (check out the shows page for more info), but that's about it...

ALTHOUGH, a little birdie just told us that we may be doing a headlining tour of the Midwest and East Coast in December. Stay tuned.

xoxo - Matt, Tony, Josh, Justin, Jesse

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