Motion City Soundtrack gets another great CD review

I can always appreciate a band's ability to rock out without really rocking out. It's complicated; but take a listen to Motion City Soundtrack's I Am the Movie and you'll know what I'm saying. The music is somewhat static but still has that kickass-ness to it, if you know what I mean.

When I started listening to the opener Cambridge, I knew I was in for something that, while staying tied to the conventional rules of rock and roll, ventured further from time to time. I got pretty excited by the time I was hearing The Future Freaks Me Out, a song for dancing. A lot of intricate synth is involved with the songs, adding a retro-ish feel but, like I said before, still staying pureblood rock. Indoor Living is awesome too, one of the better lyrical tracks on the record. Still, my favorites have to be Capital H, which just forces me to sing along, and Mary Without A Sound. I love this song for its synth, probably the best on the album.

It's great to hear a band that doesn't try too hard to break the norms, but still can make waves in the rock community. I Am the Movie follows a makeshift script, and almost gives listeners the feel that they in fact are watching a film on screen. All in all, the record is done surprisingly well, and will provide at least a few spins of entertainment for the true music lover.

Chris Reinhard
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