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Published: Monday, May 2, 2005

seems to be left behind and forgotten in the past. Some bands take styles used so long ago that it seems as if they are trying to bring it back to life. Motion City Soundtrack formed with high hopes of combining old music influence and their knowledge of popular culture to make something unique.

In 1997, after playing in different bands during their high school years, guitarist Josh Cain called singer, guitarist and pianist Justin Pierre "out of the blue" with interest of starting a band. The two of them eventually hooked up with the solid line-up of keyboardist Jesse Johnson, drummer Tony Thaxton and bass player Matthew Taylor to form Motion City Soundtrack.

Functioning as a band seemed nearly impossible considering the distance factor. Taylor and Thaxton's residence was in Richmond, Va. while the rest of the band called Minneapolis, Minn. home. A flip of the coin decided which bands members would have to relocate, and in the end Minneapolis is where MCS set up shop.

At this time, MCS started to record their "obnoxiously poppy, punk rock music with undertones of extreme personal danger," as explained by Pierre. "I Am The Movie" was complete, and the band geared up for a tour. The result was recognition from basement-show attending kids around the country.

Along with the kids, record labels also took notice of Motion City's performance. Matchbook Romance, an Epitaph band, came in possession of the band's record and passed it on to the Epitaph owner and Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. Motion City Soundtrack found confidence in Epitaph and signed on.

"I think all of us are huge music freaks," said Pierre. With their knowledge of music they try to bring back styles that have not been used in decades. Motion City does not take what other people have written without trying to revive it with a new breath of pop-punk style.

Most of the band's lyrics come from other sources that Pierre adapts to fit the music, such as books, movies or people that he relates to and understands. It is not uncommon to find many quotes from a famous book or a movie fit into a Motion City song here and there.

On June 7, Motion City is set to release their new album "Commit This to Memory." The album starts out with "Attractive Today," an upbeat keyboard and synthesizer-filled tune that's short but sweet.

The second track, "Everything Is Alright," starts out with the vocals chiming "Tell me that you're alright/Yeah, everything is alright." The composition of the album is enough to put anyone in a good mood; the whole album is filled with happy music.

"Resolution" is slower, but keeps the upbeat album trend. The whole record has a positive tone, but it seems to be less energetic and a little slower than "I Am The Movie."

Overall, the band "doesn't set out to do anything, it just happens," said Pierre. They are just out delivering a lot of energy during their continuous tour, and picking up many fans along the way.

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