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Millencolin is playing with Good Charlotte in the UK now and in just three weeks sets out to dominate on the 'Kingwood' world tour! This covers Europe next month and the US west coast in May. The band will hit the rest of the country on Warped Tour this summer! You can pre-order the record now at our webstore (free stickers and a poster with every order). Check out the new Millencolin micro-site href='' target='_blank'>HERE! Below is a five star 'Kingwood' review from

Rating: Five Stars (out of five)

Ahhhhh, I knew these guys would never let me down. They have delivered yet another bumper album that should appeal to most punk listeners. After a couple of tough rock tracks. They come out with cash or clash that just should set everything alight if they release it as a single. Its just the best punk-rock track I have heard for a year or two-minus rise against.

Shut you out reaffirms to me the importance of placements of tracks on an album because this is a softer rock that draws from the cash or clash burst. Biftek Supernova is a short 2 minute track that reminds me of the Life on a Plate days, and I like that.

My name is golden rekindles my mind back to the last album and, kemp, and just sounds so similar. Maybe its just me.... Ray, first single from the album is a good pick, it'll be enjoyed by commercial radio and the beat draws you in. The 10th track, Stalemate, is straight out millencolin, no tricks.

Mooseman's Jukebox is one of the best on the album due to the strong bass in the background. On this song its more the music than the lyrics that matter. I'd like to hear an intrumental of this song. This album finishes with the longest song, Hard time. This slows the album down, a notch, still rock but slower and it seems to do well.

This is the best album of the year so far. Just get it!

By Dylan
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