Millencolin sign new contract with Burning Heart!


BURNING HEART RECORDS are extremely proud to announce that MILLENCOLIN signed a new worldwide contract with the label for two more albums. Millencolin has released all their previous records on Burning Heart, and both the band and the label are now looking forward to continue working together.

"We love the band and its members as family", says Peter Ahlqvist of Burning Heart. "I'm very proud that the band has put their trust in us as a label, and it's going to be great working with the band in the future.

"It feels great that we got the deal together with Burning Heart Records, the label we've been on since the start back in 1992", declares Millencolin in a mutual statement. "You know, Burning Heart would not just be the same without us, and we wouldn't be the same without Burning Heart. We have a lot to thank each other for, and we're looking forward to continue our long time relationship".

MILLENCOLIN's new album (album title tbc) will be released in late March/ April, and will see Erik Ohlsson ( Guitar), Nikola Sarcevic (Vocals/bass), Mathias Färm (Guitar) and Fredrik Larzon (drums) laying down an album both looking forward and backwards; Forward in the sense that the band is continuing to develop the more rock-oriented side of the band, as heard on the latest album "Home From Home" in songs like "Kemp", "Man Or Mouse" and "Black Eye". Backwards, as in hitting it harder, tougher and faster than in many years; The fast songs on the new album is for sure up there among classics like "Olympic", "Bullion" and "Mr. Clean".

The album was recorded in Örebro (Fascination Street Studio) and Gothenburg (Music-A-Matic) with producer Chips Kiesby (that have produced albums by The Hellacopters among others) and UK sound engineer Jim Brumby. The album was mixed by Henryk Lipp.

"We're all really happy with the outcome of the new album. We all shared the same vision of how it should turn out, and we managed to get it all together as planned" "We are looking forward to the release of the album, and go out on tour and meet all the fans".

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