Millencolin drops a huge band update!

Hey everybody!

It's been a while without newsmails, sorry.
We've been working on all sorts of stuff you know.
Except for the tours we've shot a new video for the song/single "Shut You Out" from Kingwood and I think it's gonna be really cool! Hopefully we'll have it up on our site in about a couple of weeks.

Also, we have moved our office to a really cool place a little bit more "downtown" Örebro and slowly we're getting things together there. You know, internetconnection, furniture and stuff like that. It's very close to Burning Heart which is great because it makes stuff a lot easier.

Erik just put up the Millencolin Open TV program which was broadcasted on Extreme Sports Channel. Check out some great skating and see what local indoor skatepark Brädcentralen looks like and hear what the Swedish skate elite think of our contest.
By the way, many thanks to our friends Stefan Ronquist, Olle Garp and Mathias Lord who shot and edited the whole thing, you rule dudes!! Check it out at the videosection on our site.

A big, big thanks to all the people who came to check us out on the Warped tour and all the people we met at our merchstandal and at the Vans and Epitaph stands.
Thanks so much!

Next thing we're doing is to tour Australia and Japan and we're 1000% exited to go there!! So go get your ticket and check us out!

The tickets to the Örebro show, October 22 with Hell Is For Heroes and Twopointeight are sold out! There are still tickets to the Oslo show so if you missed out on the tickets to Örebro maybe you wanna go to Oslo?!

More tour news!
We're headlining the Eastpak Antidote tour throughout Europe Oct 31-Nov 20.
Check out the line-up! Millencolin, Flogging Molly, Randy and The Unseen.
Make sure you get your ticket early 'cause you don't wanna miss this!!

Check out our site for all news, confirmed tourdates, video/audio, photos and all sorts of stuff!

Last but not least, it's Mathias birthday today. Congrats Mädz, you rule!

Take it easy!

Larzon & the rest of the Millencolin fellas!