Matches on the Chain Me Away Tour now! Minneapolis preview.

The Matches have just begun their co-headlining tour with Plain White T's and support bands Waking Ashland and Roses Are Red! The Chain Me Away Tour tour is in Texas now heading west to California at the end of the week. Minneapolis is getting excited for the show on April 7th at The Quest. Read the following preview from The Lion's Roar.

Fresh off of the Epitaph Tour, which headlined screamo band Matchbox Romance and Minnesota natives Motion City Soundtrack, The Matches have already begun a tour of their own. The Chain Me Away Tour, which comes to The Quest Club in Minneapolis on April 7th and co-headlines pop-punk newcomers The Plain White T's and The Matches, will more than certainly be an orgy of such musical proportions that your grandmother will be forced to change her underwear.

"He's a human Teddy bear," Shawn Harris, the lead singer and guitar player for The Matches said about Tom Higgens of The Plain White T's, "I bet he talked shit on us the whole time, huh? That's just like him!"

The band is currently in the process of recording a new album that will be released on Epitaph Records sometime within the next few years.

"That's my least favorite misconception * that good art just comes dripping out of your pores. That's garbage," Harris told me about recording their next album, "We are very conscious on starting early on it. The last thing we wanna do is write a second album that sucks."

One of the most catchy, and undoubtedly most poppy song on the album, is the song Chain Me Free. The song, which contains lyrics written by Harris when he was just a mere 16 years old, recalls events that all teenagers went through: falling hopelessly and undeniably in love...with a 17 year old.

"[The song is] just like herpes. Share it with your friends!" Harris said.

Harris, who currently resides in California with the rest of The Matches (Matt Whalen, Justin San Souci, and Jon Devoto), hopes that someday he'll be remembered.

"When I die, I want every one of my fans to be embalmed with me. I would actually like them to get involved." Harris told me. "You can't try to one up everybody. Everywhere we've gotten is through people who have given us a hand."

Waking Ashland and Roses are Red will be opening for The Matches and The Plain White T's when they come to The Quest on April 7th.

"There's a website up for the tour that's actually kind of cool, I did all the art for it. The address for that is href=' ' target='_blank'>" Harris said, "We have our video up on that website and so do some of the other bands."

By Rick Strobel
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