Matchbook Romance's Ryan interviewed on the Epitaph Tour.

How's the band, tour and what's new?

Ryan-Going good. First tour back. We have our own crew, our own bus.

Tell me about the new album?

Ryan-We are getting in the gear of touring. We have a studio on the bus to record new stuff. We will go into a studio later this year. The new album will come out next year sometime.

What makes this tour diff rent then any of the other tours you have been on?

Ryan-Complete Epitaph tour. Best record label in the world. There is no favoritism we are one big family.

Currently what CD's are you rocking?

Ryan-I pod. Blood Brothers, Muse, Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Simon and Garfunkel, Blonde Redhead, Radiohead, Thrice. Between all of us in the band we have somewhere around 3,000 to 4,000 songs on our Ipods.

What influences the band?

Ryan-A lot of musical influences. We all come from 4 different backgrounds. Most the bands I stated above influences this band.

How do you feel about the "Scene"?

Ryan-The scene is going to die and I can't wait. Its rehashed. It's not the kids fault. Its the bands and labels.The punk scene turned into what today scene is. Look a like, sound a like music.

What's your favorite thing and least favorite thing about touring?

Ryan-Fav. getting to see the world, being out on your own, hanging out. The least would be being away from the ones you love, your home.

Tell me about the split Ep you did with Matchbook Romance?

Ryan-Andy and Brett (Owner of Epitaph) recorded some of the songs at Brett's house. It was just very natural. Motion City has some good stuff on it. The artwork is awesome Derek Hess is the man.

Favorite movie of all time?

Josh-the original Star Wars Trilogy.

What would you like to achieve by being in a band?

Ryan-Live a happy life. Getting to my next phase of life. As long as I have a good time playing music and make no money at least I have the good times to look back on.

How do you pass time on tour?

Ryan-X-box, hang out

Andy-Writing the new album.

Any last words.

Ryan-Thanks for the interview. Go buy the split Ep. Thank to everyone who came out to the Epitaph Tour.