Matchbook Romance's Andy gives us the facts about Warped Tour.


What's up party people? We have completed another Summer at Warped Tour! I can't even begin to tell you how much fun we had. Well, I'll try cause I know your dying to know. Since we're poor, we had to share a bus with Rufio. It keeps the costs down, and the excitement constant. Everyday I'd roll out of my bunk and onto the hallway floor of the bus only to wonder if I was dead yet. Once I realized that I wasn't and that it was just another day at Warped tour, I'd crawl into the back lounge of the bus and put on some good music. Usually, Pinback, or Blonde Redhead. In doing this I would always wake up whoever wasn't woken up at that point and it was usually Scotty from Rufio. I always felt a part of my day was missing until he opened up his curtain and popped his head out to say, "what's up?!?". I think I woke that kid up everyday as a matter of fact. He never held it against me though. At least I don't think so. So anyway, we'd usually end up playing pretty early in the day hence the fact a lot of you didn't get to see us play cause you were stuck in the fucking lines. Lame. But we always had a slammin' show. I don't think we ever walked off stage disappointed. We loved every min. of warped. From Rain, to hurricane warnings, and the over-sized star that cooks/fries us a little bit more each day, we endured it and made it back. We had such a great time. Thank you for supporting us, and standing in the rain, or sun waiting for us to take the stage, or to sign something for you. We won't ever forget how much you've done for us. Just don't become weird stalkers and fucking freak us out alright? We are boring people who play music and for some reason the idea makes people think it's more important than themselves. Sorry to take the magic away. I'd like to send out a huge thanks to those of you that felt compelled to make us scrap books and other gifts to show how much our band means to you. Thank you. We'll be bringing those things to our family bbq's this week to prove that people like our music and that their kids aren't wasting their time. We have a new song coming out on a split with Motion City Soundtrack on September 7th. Get to your local record store and make sure they have it in stock for you. I must say the song is definitely a masterpiece. Don't expect any scenster shit either; screaming, and guitar riffs that even a kid that doesn't play guitar can play, it's different. You'll love it, I'm sure. If not, better luck next time. We also did an acoustic version of "Playing For Keeps". We did that track fairly quick, and left the production very rough so it isn't too polished. Hope you enjoy that too. Well take care. I, Andy, am going to sit around and continuing writing for the next record. Please take care, and come see us in the future. XOXO The informer, Andy - MatchbOOK Romance P.S. the word book, is in the name Matchbook.

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