Matchbook Romance/Motion City Soundtrack split news.

Labelmates Motion City Soundtrack and Matchbook Romance are putting out a split 7"/CD in September on Epitaph. Now we have confirmed what is on the EP. Motion City contributes acoustic versions of brand new song "When You're Around" as well as uber-oldie "Sunday Warning." Matchbook Romance contributes an acoustic version of "Playing For Keeps" as well as an acoustic rendition of new song called "In Transit (For You)."

The Derek Hess drawn artwork has also been posted, with different art for each format. Click here (href='' target='_blank'>artwork) to view it.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Matchbook Romance - In Transit (For You) [acoustic]
2. Matchbook Romance - Playing For Keeps [acoustic]
3. Motion City Soundtrack - When You're Around [acoustic]
4. Motion City Soundtrack - Sunday Warning [acoustic]

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